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Social Security

If you’ve been denied a Social Security or disability claim, it can be frustrating cutting through the red tape when filing an appeal or understanding why you were initially denied benefits. Our firm understands Mississippi’s Disability Determination Services agency policies and can talk with you on a personal level to examine your claim.

SSI Benefits (Supplemental Security Income)

  • In the state of Mississippi, beneficiaries are classified into divided groups that qualify and hold coverage for medicaid in full, reduced or limited in benefits. To qualify for SSI monthly benefits towards the beneficiaries, the individual must have insufficient income and resources, be a U.S. citizen, national or of a specified class of alien and receive up to the maximum benefit amount.
  • Elderly over age 65 without disabilities also are included in the program as long as they meet financial restrictions.
  • Benefits are subject to change each year. However, Mississippi regulates their own supplemental payments.
  • Did you know Mississippi’s social security income is exempt from taxable benefits? Residents therefore rely heavily on federal assistance.
  • Some Mississippi residents hire an attorney at the beginning stages of their application process. This helps ensure accuracy throughout your case.

SSDI Benefits (Social Security Disability Insurance)

  • There are three stages to SSID benefits including the first application, a reconsideration and a hearing. Mississippi also has three hearing offices with different waiting times and average disposition time. Be sure to discuss with your attorney an estimate for the judge’s ruling under the court of law dependent on factors from your case.

The Social Security Administration needs to have proof that your impairment is serious enough to prolong work for 12 months or longer, or result in death.

  • To be eligible you must earn the acceptable amount of credits dependent on taxable work that social security holds reliable for determination. Benefits are also reliant on the individual’s social security earnings record.
  • The insurance benefits may be payable to respected individuals including your children or the widowed.
  • Reasoning for denial could be as minor as an error in the application.

You may also be denied if your income exceeds their limitations. Being available to communicate with and cooperate with the SSA are two ways we help your claim get a fair review.

Having adequate representation can make a significant difference in the outcome of your claim, and lessen the burden and stress on you or a loved one when filing.


  • According to the CDC website (2019), 33.5% of adults have some type of disability in the state of Mississippi.
  • Did you know disability also accounts for mental impairments illnesses that may turn into physical symptoms later on? It is therefore important to seek a doctor’s note that includes a summary of detailed mental observations since their diagnosis could be plausible towards your case.
  • There are three additional types of disability insurance aside from federal ones that include services to serve individuals with special circumstances including the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation for the Blind. Ask your lawyer if any of these offices may be of great benefit to you.

Medical evidence and treatment is vital to your disability claim. Our office will review your documentation and look for missing or inadequate information needed to file for medical eligibility. It is important to talk to legal representation before your deadline approaches. You may be declined if you try to handle a situation last minute.

  • It is also common to have a higher possibility of getting denied benefits upon initial application while appeals show a higher chance of approval.


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